Elijah S

Featured Student - Elijah S


Age: 12

Elijah plays electric guitar and bass guitar and is the bassist for the B2R band, Yes? No!.  He began lessons as an electric guitar student last summer, and just recently added bass guitar to his music education.

Elijah’s private lesson and band instructor, Jory, adds, “Elijah is very adaptive to all of the new material I give ...

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Jillian P

Featured Student - Jillian P


Age: 10

Jillian takes vocal lessons with B2R and is the lead singer of the newly formed band, B2R5. In just two performances, many of our students and parents commented on her outstanding voice and stage presence.

Her band coach, Jory, adds “Jillian is a pleasure to work with in band. She has a great personality and brings a very ...

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Grayson P

Featured Student - Grayson P


Age: 7

Grayson has been taking keys and piano lessons with Bach to Rock Penfield for almost 2 years! He is a founding member of one of our newest bands, The Lightning Hawks.

The Lightning Hawks had their debut performance at our first Battle of the Bands at BayTowne Plaza. At the last minute while on stage, with no rehearsal ...

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Ava M

Featured Student - Ava M


Age: 12

Ava is a level 2 drum student and also the lead drummer of the B2R band, B.E.A.T.S. Ava began her journey at B2R by joining one of our Rock Band Summer Camps in 2018. She started by playing the clarinet and quickly fell in love with the drums.

Her instructor, Jory, adds, “Ava has ...

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Elijah C

Featured Student - Elijah C


Age: 15

Elijah aka DJ Dark Core, is a level 3 DJ Mixing student. He has performed at a wide variety of events in the community and has attended many of our DJ camps this summer to further his skills!

His instructor Jack adds, “Elijah loves EDM music, with his favorite artists being Marshmello and Hardwell. He enjoys the shock ...

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Seth N

Featured Student - Seth N


Age: 8

Seth is a level 2 guitar player who has been taking lessons with B2R since March 2018! He is also one of the lead guitarist in the B2R band, Rock Raptors.

His instructor, Doug, adds, “Seth loves a challenge and is always eager to learn new skills when he comes to lessons each week. Joining the Rock Raptors ...

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Bennett L

Featured Student - Bennett L


Age: 11

Bennett is a level 2 saxophone student who was one of our very first B2R students in January 2018. He is also the saxophone player in the B2R band, B.E.A.T.S. He has performed solo, with his band and most recently, with the B2R choir at the Rochester Red Wings Game.

Bennett’s instructor, Mike ...

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Chris T

Featured Student - Chris T


Age: 16

Chris has been taking drum lessons with Bach to Rock for about a year now! His B2R journey began last summer by attending our Rock Band and DJ Camps. Since taking lessons, he has performed at numerous B2R events in the community.

His instructor, Jory, adds, “Chris has such a positive attitude when he walks in the door ...

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Erik S

Featured Student - Erik S


Age: 12

Erik is a level 2 DJ student who began his journey at Bach to Rock through our DJ and Recording Arts summer camps.

Erik has the longest drive of any of our students commuting all the way from Buffalo. He’s a natural at mixing, mashing and getting the crowd dancing. His instructor, DJ Don (Jack), says “Erik ...

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Tyler L

Featured Student - Tyler L


Age: 11

Tyler began his musical journey at B2R from joining our summer Rock Band and DJ music camps. Band camp sparked his interest in music and he began taking weekly guitar lessons. He is now one of the lead guitarist’s in the B2R rock band, The B.E.A.T.S.

Tyler has performed at Rochester Museum & Science ...

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Giada N

Featured Student - Giada N


Age: 10

Giada is a level 2 flute student. She recently just completed her first performance at Rochester Museum & Science Center and we are so proud of the amazing job she did!

Her instructor, Amanda adds, “Giada is very ambitious with her goals and always comes to lessons ready to learn. She is inspired by the music in the Harry ...

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Jack G

Featured Student - Jack G


Jack G.

12 year old, Jack, is a music production student who has been taking lessons with B2R for about a year. Jack works primarily with the software Fruity Loops (FL) Studio and is inspired by hip-hop artists such as Travis Scott and Kanye West. His instructor, Paul, adds “Jack really enjoys music production and spends a lot of time ...

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Natalie I

Featured Student - Natalie I


Age: 14

Natalie, is a level 2 DJ Mixing student who has been DJing at B2R for about 8 months. She has performed at a wide variety of events in the community  from school dances to large events at Frontier Field. Natalie’s instructor Jack adds, “Natalie is a great listener and always ready to learn new things. She is ...

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Mickey F

Featured Student - Mickey F


Age: 14

Mickey, is a level 2 bass guitar student and also the bassist for the B2R rock band, The Radiators. Mickey loves progressive rock and exploring challenging repertoire.

His instructor Dan adds, “Mickey is a very curious musician and committed to discovering the finer details in his favorite music. He is always exploring theoretical concepts that college level musicians ...

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Brad D

Featured Student - Brad D


Age: 15

Brad, is a level 2 Music Production student who has been taking lessons with B2R for over a year! Brad is very advanced at electronic music composition and production using Abelton Live. His favorite genre to work with is hip-hop.

His instructor, Darnell, adds “Brad is a very quick learner and picks up content naturally. He puts in ...

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Harper F

Featured Student - Harper F


Age: 13

Harper is the lead vocalist and pianist of the B2R band, “The Radiators.” She is very versatile when it comes to music – from singing classical music with her choir to rockin’ out to ‘Zombie’ with her B2R band... she does it all!

Harper not only sings and plays piano but also plays the harp and aspires to learn ...

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Jason M

Featured Student - Jason M


Age: 30

Jason is a Beat Refinery student at B2R who takes DJ Mixing AND DJ Scratching lessons since the summer of 2018. He really enjoys 80s and 90s popular dance music that can get the crowd grooving.

Jason has performed at many B2R events in the community and was a big hit at the Eastview Mall Camp Fair this ...

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Business of the Year Award - Penfield Business Chamber


Bach to Rock Penfield is the winner of the Business of the Year award for 2018, given by the Penfield Business Chamber.

Each year, the award is given to honor a local business that has "significantly contributed to the vitality and success of the Penfield business community."

See Bach to Rock Penfield featured, past winners and more on the PBC ...

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Featured Student - Lorenzo A


Age: 12

Lorenzo, is a recording arts student who has been taking lessons with Bach to Rock for about a year. Lorenzo enjoys learning challenging concepts including how to mic a studio as well as record, edit, and mix using ProTools 12. 

Lorenzo is also a talented guitar player who enjoys classic and modern rock. 

He began taking recording arts ...

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