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Featured Student - Annabelle


Annabelle started her Bach to Rock journey at Rock Band Camp in January 2020! Shortly after, she started private piano lessons and joined our band program! She is currently the pianist of Gardens of Rock who won Best Song Choice in our 2020 Battle of the Bands! Annabelle has performed at various Bach to Rock events, including our student showcases ...

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Melissa M

Featured Student - Melissa M


Melissa has been a student at Bach to Rock since October 2019 - over two years! She is currently a private guitar student who is making tremendous progress each week. Melissa is the guitarist of "The Jammers", who won Most Original in our 2020 Battle of the Bands and Most Fun in our 2019 Battle of the Bands! She even performed ...

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Jack L

Featured Student - Jack L


Jack has been a student at Bach to Rock for 2 years! In April 2019,  he joined our band program and is currently the drummer of “ilr” who won Most Fun in our 2021 Virtual Battle of the Bands. Now a Level 3 Drum student, he has made tremendous progress and participated in countless performances and events. 

His private lesson ...

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2020 Virtual Battle of the Bands Winners

  • Tightest Band: Masked Musicians
  • Best Song Choice: The Project
  • Best Stage Presence: Shades
  • Most Creative: Rings of Essence
  • Most Fun: ilr
  • Most Original/Best Interpretation: The Jammers



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Featured Student - Lia


Lia has been a student at Bach to Rock for TWO years! She is currently a Drums Level 2 Student and the drummer of “Masked Musicians” who won “Tightest Band” in this year’s Battle of the Bands! She has performed at various Bach to Rock events, including our Summer 2020 House of Guitars Student Showcases.

Her instructor, Ryan, adds ...

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Paul M

Featured Student - Paul M


Paul started his journey at Bach to Rock in Kids N Keys over THREE years ago. He's celebrated two Rock Band birthday parties with Bach to Rock and his friends and has been invited to countless others!  He has now worked all the way up to being a Drum Level 2 Student! He is also an active member of ...

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Margaret C

Featured Student - Margaret C


Margaret has been a student at Bach to Rock for almost 2 years, starting in April 2019. Margaret takes private lessons in guitar and drums. She is an active member of our first adult band, “Shades” and participates in our Drum Ensemble as well. Margaret has performed in various community events at House of Guitars and participated in our 2020 ...

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Joel H

Featured Student - Joel H


Age: 10

Joel has been a Bach to Rock student since June 2019, a total of 19 months! He is currently a Guitar Level 2 Student and a rockin’ member of our band program, playing in “Saffire Rock-Its”! In the 2019 Battle of the bands, they were the Lower Division Winners of Most Creative Band. Now known as “Gardens of ...

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Adelaide P

Featured Student - Adelaide P


Age: 13

Adelaide has been a Bach to Rock student for almost one year, starting in February 2020! She is a Voice Level 1 student and the singer and piano/keyboard player for “Masked Musicians”. She has performed at the House of Guitars outdoor stage various times, including our Summer 2020 Student Showcases.

Adelaide’s instructor, Rachel, says, “Adelaide has ...

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Liam C

Featured Student - Liam C


Age: 12

Liam has been a student at Bach to Rock Penfield since June 2019. Liam takes private lessons in guitar and voice and is the vocalist and guitarist for the level 2 B2R band, Outcast. Liam has performed at a wide variety of events, including, Battle of the Bands II, where he won "Tightest Band" and "Overall Best Band ...

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Brooke B

Featured Student - Brooke B


Age: 11

Brooke has been a student at Bach to Rock since September 2019. She takes Voice Level 1, Guitar Level 2 and is in the band “Just Trouble” who won best stage presence at our December 2019 Battle of the Bands II. She has been a part of various performances, including our August and September 2020 Student Showcases as ...

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Spencer T

Featured Student - Spencer T


Age: 14

Spencer has been a student at B2R since February 2018. He has taken drums, DJ mixing, music production lessons, and was a founding member of the band, Yes?No!

His teacher Ryan adds, "His incredible, raw talent cannot be torn down. His ability to flawlessly read and perform music years beyond his age is astounding. I couldn't ...

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Featured Teacher - Christine


Christine has been a music specialist at Bach to Rock since September 2018. Christine specializes in piano and has a Bachelor’s of Music Degree in Piano Performance from Eastman School of Music. She is now pursuing a Masters of Music Degree from USC Thornton School of Music in Keyboard Collaborative Arts.

Christine adds, “One of the joys of being ...

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Featured Teacher - Tyler


Tyler has been a music specialist and audio engineer at B2R since 2018! While he specializes in recording arts and music production, he also teaches drums, piano, voice, bass and guitar! With a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering, Tyler can mix, master and edit like a pro.

Tyler adds, “I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to get ...

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Featured Teacher - Emma


Emma has been a music instructor at Bach to Rock since Summer 2019! She is currently studying Music Education at SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music. She teaches piano, voice, flute and all of our early childhood programs and camps!

Emma adds, “My favorite part about being a music instructor is seeing the students' faces light up when they ...

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Featured Teacher - Cassie


Cassie has a Bachelor’s degree from Empire State College in Music and Dance Education. She has been a Music Specialist at Bach to Rock since Spring 2019 and teaches violin, voice, piano and Glee Club!

Cassie adds, “My favorite thing about being a music teacher is the overwhelming feeling of joy and proud moments that come about when my ...

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Featured Teacher - Jack


Jack is one of our Beat Refinery DJ Instructors who specializes in scratching and mixing! With a love for Hip Hop, his influences include Kanye West, Drake and J. Cole. If you’ve been in our lobby when Jack is in the studio, you’ve been sure to hear his awesome mixes and mash ups!

Jack adds, “My favorite thing ...

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Featured Teacher - Brynna


Brynna has been a music specialist at B2R since June 2018. With a degree in Music Education from SUNY Fredonia where she concentrated in vocal/general music, Brynna particularly loves writing and performing pop and jazz music.

Along with voice, Brynna also teaches piano, flute, piccolo, guitar and all of our early education classes and camps. She always leads her ...

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